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WEEK 13, 2010 Health Media News Bits

Recent health articles are proof–An UP-Beat performance that is staged and IN-ACTed can open a cellular pharmacy that dispenses the CHEMISTRY of Health, Happiness & Success. You can bank on IT!

Mediterranean Diet and Reduced Depression

HealthDay (10/5, Edelson) reported that “the overall incidence of depression for those who most followed the diet was 30 percent lower than for those who most ignored the dietary rules. Even lower rates of depression were associated with intake of specific elements of the Mediterranean diet, such as fruits, vegetables and olive oil.” The study authors theorized that the “Mediterranean diet improves the function of the endothelium, the delicate inner lining of blood vessels, which is involved in the production of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), a molecule that is responsible for the growth and function of nerve cells.” Notably, “dysfunction of BDNF is thought to be responsible for some depression cases.” MedPage Today (10/5, Walsh) and WebMD (10/5, Warner) also covered the story.

Dr. WELLderly agrees that the Mediterranean diet has proven best for all weights and ages if we don’t overdo the pasta carbohydrates. Those 75% of population who are over weight should follow the Liquidation Diet. see article on www.ActHappy.com

Researchers associate childhood confectionary consumption with later aggression. Bloomberg News (10/1, Torsoli) reports that, according to a study published in the Oct. issue of the British Journal of Psychiatry, youngsters “who eat candy and chocolate every day are more likely to be violent when they grow up because the instant gratification can nurture impulsive behavior.”

The AP (10/1) reports that investigators from the UK’s University of Cardiff “studied more than 17,000 children born in 1970 for about four decades. Of the children who ate candies or chocolates daily at age 10, 69 percent were later arrested for a violent offense by the age of 34.”

Dr. WELLderly worries that too many role model grandparents use a pocket full of candy and a spoonful of sugar to extract “love” from grandkids. What a price we AND THEY pay later!

CDC data indicate most Americans fail to consume recommended fruit, vegetable servings. USA Today (9/30, Anderson) reports that CDC data indicate that “only 14 percent of adults eat the recommended number of servings of fruit and vegetables a day.”

The at the end of the rainbow of health is a pot of fruits and vegies that a treasures for the golden years . Dr. WELLderly suggest a rainbow colored diet.

Researchers uncover significant level of binge drinking in middle-aged, elderly people.

USA Today (8/17, Thompson) reports that a study published in the American Journal of Psychiatry “shows a significant, worrisome level of binge drinking among those age 50 to 64.” The investigators found that “19 percent of the men and 13 percent of the women had two or more drinks a day, considered heavy or ‘at-risk’ drinking -“that level of drinking places the older group at more of a health risk than younger counterparts.” Notably, “the survey also found binge drinking in those over 65: 14 percent of men and three percent of women.

Dr. WELLderly has treated many in their vintage years who over drank, got tipsy didn’t watch their step, lost their balance, fell, and catistrophic health consequents ensued. YES! Red wine in moderation is prescribed, BUT, a little bit will do ya!

Exercise may offset muscle mass loss, prevent hospitalization among elderly.

In the Los Angeles Times (7/30) Booster Shots blog, Jeannine Stein wrote that a study appearing in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society reveals that “older people who have less strength, lower muscle density, and overall poor physical function are at greater risk for being hospitalized. As people age, they “typically lose about one percent of muscle mass a year after age 30 — not a huge amount, but it adds up over time.

Dr. WELLderly retorts that folks over 30 (do not lose) but throw away 1% of muscle mass each year. We know that muscle loss is not a given, and that even when we let it waste away IT can be RE-tained and RE-gained. For men testosterone level is related to muscle mass! And you know what that means! Incidentally, while the muscles waste, the fats waist.

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