Week 15 of 2010

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WEEK15, 2010 Media News Health Bits

Recent health articles are proof–That an UP-Beat performance that is staged and IN-ACTed can open a cellular pharmacy that dispenses the CHEMISTRY of Health, Happiness & Success. You can bank on IT!

Diet may lower risk for Alzheimer’s.

Bloomberg News (4/13,) reports study published online April 12 in the Archives of Neurology, elderly people “who adhered most to diets rich in dark, leafy vegetables, poultry, fish, and nuts and low in red meat, butter, and fatty dairy products had a 38 percent lower risk of getting Alzheimer’s disease than those who followed that plan the least.” theorized that “these foods may protect blood vessels in the brain, preventing tiny strokes that may contribute to Alzheimer’s.”

Researchers followed more than 2,100 “New York City residents over age 65 for about four years, The researchers broke down their dietary reports to gauge their intake of seven nutrients: saturated fatty acids; monounsaturated fatty acids; Omega-3 and Omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids; vitamin E, vitamin B12 and folate.—of the 682 subjects whose diets ranked in the top third of the group in intake of vitamin E, folate, and poly- and monounsaturated fats (nutrients found in poultry, fish, vegetables, and most nuts and vegetable oils), just 50 subjects (or 7%) developed Alzheimer’s.”

Dr WELLderly notes more NEUROBIC (brain building) from the benefits of fish, RAINBOW and LOW-GLYCEMIC foods. Yes,YOU, by playing a WELLderly role WELL can demonstrate to understudies that getting an ACT together WELL has DRAMATIC benefits.

Eating more high-glycemic index foods may be linked to heart risks.

Los Angeles Times reported that carbohydrates “with a high glycemic index…may be linked with a higher risk of coronary heart disease “surveyed 47,749 men and women and found that “eating more high-glycemic index foods was more strongly linked with a greater risk of coronary heart disease.

Dr WELLderly explains that high-glycemic foods are high in quickly absorbed and digestible carbohydrates that rapidly raises blood glucose levels. Examples of High Glycemic Foods are many WHITE ie. sugary foods and drinks , flour, rice, potato etc.

Coffee consumption may lower prostate cancer risk.

Bloomberg News (12/8, Bennett) reported “drinking coffee may lower the risk of developing the deadliest form of prostate cancer.” In fact, “the five percent of” study participants “who drank six or more cups a day had a 60 percent lower risk of developing the advanced form of the disease than those who didn’t consume any.”


Research explores role exercise plays in fight against prostate cancer.

Time “Wellness” blog reported. “An analysis of activity levels among 2,686 prostate cancer patients showed that men who jogged, played tennis, or participated in other comparable exercise for an average of three or more hours per week had 35% lower mortality rates than those who exercised less frequently or not at all.”

Dr. WELLderly says these studies suggest taking a good brisk walk, then relax with a cup of JOE and read WELLderly News.

Study indicates men who have certain notions of masculinity may be less likely to seek preventive healthcare.

New York Times reported in Vital Signs, “Men who strongly endorsed old-school notions of masculinity — believing the ideal man is the strong, silent type who doesn’t complain about pain — were only half as likely as other men to seek preventive healthcare services, like an annual physical or a flu shot. They strongly adhered to the ideal of the macho man.

Dr WELLderly begs, “ HE-man give up the Manly Role. Accept sooner that too late that ALL humans have weaknesses and frailties that need “adjustments”. As the owners manual suggests get recommended inspections and tune ups. The results will be better milage and ultimately a smoother ride. And your chassis will become a CLASSIC.

Researchers studying health effects, causes of loneliness.

USA Today (4/8, Szabo) reports, “Researchers are studying the causes and health effects of loneliness — both on the body and mind — in the hope of helping people and communities stay healthy and connected. Lonely people tend to have higher blood pressure and weaker immune systems. In lonely people, genes that promote inflammation are more active.

Dr. WELLderly observes that LONELINESS is the poverty of the 21st Century.

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