WEEK 16, 2010

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WEEK 16, 2010 Media News Health Bits

Recent health articles are proof–That an UP-Beat performance that is staged and IN-ACTed can open a cellular pharmacy that dispenses the CHEMISTRY of Health, Happiness & Success. You can bank on IT!

Custom-designed robots, human therapists help patients improve movement long after stroke.

The Providence Journal (4/17, reported, robotic assisted and human assisted physical therapy improved movement in people whose strokes occurred many years earlier.”

“Significant gains in both basic motor function and the time to complete everyday tasks were observed at 36 weeks compared with usual care. There were, however, “no significant differences between the robot-assisted and human-assisted groups on any outcome at any time.” Some previous research “suggested that long-term physical therapy doesn’t help patients if it’s given more than six months after a stroke,” but “recent research has contradicted those findings.” HealthDay (4/16, Dotinga) reported. This new study “offers the strongest evidence yet that stroke sufferers can regain limb movement long after the injury.

Dr. WELLderly: More good NEUROBIC news. New neurons and nerve branching can be RE-gained and RE-trained. But the ultimate success is due to THE patients’ effort and persistence. This article does not give enough credit to the determined motivated patient, METHOD ACTOR. William James would say “act as if!” Norman Vincent Peale would suggest the “Power of Positive Thinking.”

Depression associated with heavy smoking.

The Los Angeles Times (4/14, Roan) “Booster Shots” blog reported, “Despite the now well-known and far-reaching effects of smoking, more than one-fifth of Americans still smoke,” and many may find it “hard to quit because they also have depression.” In fact, data compiled by the CDC indicate that “43% of adult smokers age 20 and older” are dealing the condition. “Among men ages 40 to 54, a whopping 55% of those who smoke have depression,” while “among women ages 20 to 39 who smoke, 50% have depression.”

After analyzing data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, investigators also noted that “the number of cigarettes people smoke increases as their depression deepens,” WebMD (4/14, DeNoon) reported. In fact, “nearly twice as many depressed smokers as non-depressed smokers average more than a pack of cigarettes each day (28% vs. 15%).” What’s more, “smokers suffering depression grab for that first cigarette of the day sooner than smokers who aren’t depressed.”

Dr. WELLderly: Smokers know that they are being trapped by others and robbing themselves of happiness and health by a self inflected chemical poisoning. They are burning out. And as their life spark is going DOWN—they are going UP in smoke. But, But, Wow! Applaude, this damage can be reversed. Professional help and self DETERMINATION to STOP will rekindle health and happiness. Bring ‘em back a LIFE! Act Now!

Physical activity may strengthen the brain.

ABC World News (4/14, story 11, 2:10, Sawyer) reported, “Federal health experts released a report today showing physical activity strengthens the brain. A study of school kids showed improved grades and test scores.” ABC (Wright) added, “At the University of Illinois, Dr. Charles Hillman’s research shows that after a 30 minute stint on the treadmill, students actually do up to ten percent better at problem solving.” Dr. Charles Hillman, University of Illinois: “It’s good for attention. It’s good for how fast individuals process information.” Wright added that at one school that emphasizes physical education to strengthen the brain, a program has “been in place five years.

Dr. WELLderly: Keeping body parts in use and in good repair is healthy treatment at ALL AGES. This Good CHEMISTRY of being active (mind/body) is dispensed from our own, inner cellular pharmacy. On demand! No co-pay.

Boost in mobility-related problems among people 50 to 64 noted.

The Los Angeles Times (4/6, Stein) study in Health Affairs “that saw a boost in mobility-related problems among people 50 to 64 years old.” After taking part in the 1997-2007 National Health Interview Survey, certain functions saw an uptick over the 11 years: stooping, bending and kneeling; standing for two hours; walking a quarter mile; and climbing 10 steps without resting.” More than 40% of people surveyed said that due to a health problem they had trouble with at least one of nine physical functions.

Dr. WELLderly: Here it is again—exercise and weight. Just a little bit MORE than what is being done now—is a great start. Instead of trying to shed 30 pounds, settle for 3. You can request two articles by email dr@acthappy.com or at www.ActHappy.com. One is the LIQUIDATION DIET and the other is CONDUCT YOURSELF WELL! Why orchestra conductors live 5 years longer. They Jog with the Arms. They J’ARM.

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