Here is a short one page brochure I hand out at some of my speaking gigs. It’s a few of the reasons why Minnesota is the perfect place to begin a HAPPYdemic!

It starts with you, little plus little plus little equals BIG!



MN—The North STAR State has it’s act together—WELL!

MN is a role model (top 10%) in health, health care, health research, longevity and happiness. 

MN is also, recognized as a center for the theater arts. 

MN has a supportive and well educated citizen base—eager to learn and improve.  

MN is innovative, with social/health approaches that are philanthropically encouraged and endorsed by government, education, business, theater arts, faith and foundation partners.

YES!  The joint expertise and support of individuals and other MINNESOTA community and institutional leaders would become healing colleague. TOGETHER they would identify, and promote a NEW health paradigm.  They

would become healing colleagues.


 Every BODY has an INNER PHARMACY.  Each can discover how to self-prescribe and dispense an UP-beat physiology by using successful stage techniques that TURN ON a happy, healthy, positive theater role.  

When, these UP-beat theater METHODS are IN-acted the “chemistry” is right—the feeling is right!  And a healthy, happy, hit performance is “right ON”!  

By ACTING an UP-beat, positive role a health-enhancing physiology is Turned ON! This  mind/body chemistry is a self generated treatment that complements conventional health care. The benefits of wellbeing and the reduction

of health care costs can be dramatic.


What is the chemistry of being “on”? 

How is the physiology of an “on” performance scientifically measured?  

What is the “high” of getting IT right?  

Can happiness and health be ACTED ON?  

Can MN ACTORS take the “upper or downer” chemistry of a role onto the stage of daily life?                              

Can MN ACTORS be healthcare “providers” for off stage, to play an UPPER role—WELL?

Can we—at/in/on our Stage of Life master some Method Acting techniques?  

Can we INNERtain a healthy chemistry that is TRANCEmitted to others?

Can we, Minnesotans become role models for a healthy, physiological TRANCEformation?  


YES!  When the dramatic arts think medically and the medical arts think and practice DRAMATICALLY—self-medication happens for both patients AND care providers.

YES!  innovative, theatrical skills can be self-prescribed and a healthy physiology can be    dispensed from ones inner, cellular pharmacy.

YES!  Then an infectious, Minnesota HAPPYdemic spreads.  

YES!  Every BODY can  ACT WELL! Can become a healthier STAR! BANK ON IT! 


To BE or not to BE—that is the ANSWER!  

To DO or not to DO—THAT is the question! 

Dale Anderson
Dale Anderson, MD has practiced for over 50 years as a board-certified surgeon, emergency and holistic physician. In 2001, he became board-certified and a Founding Diplomat of the American Board of Holistic Medicine. He is a member of the American Medical Association, the Mayo Clinic Alumni Association, the American College of Surgeons, the American Holistic Medical Association, and the National Association of Senior Health Professionals.

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